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Developing an eCommerce website is essential for online business growth and success. Thanks to some fantastic website-building platforms, you can set a fully functional eCommerce website on your own. After reading this article, you can decide which platform is best according to your business requirements and resources.

Following are the top-rated platforms for building eCommerce websites without coding expertise.



Shopify is the most advanced platform for developing an eCommerce website that is available today. It specializes in creating and building eCommerce websites and is very simple to use.

The paid website building platform provides all the necessary functionalities required for creating a seamless user experience in online shopping.


A 14- days free trial is available without providing your credit card details to check out this platform’s potential and services.

Afterward, there are three payment plans available according to the complexity and features;

a. Basic Shopify Website plan- $2/month

It is suitable for startups to grow their business online and in-person selling.

b. Premium Shopify Website plan- $79/month

If you have one retail store, this package will create a smooth online shopping experience.

c. Advanced Shopify Website plan- $299/month

This package is well suited if you want to develop websites for more than two retail stores.

Countless templates, various payment options, and active customer service make Shopify a top-ranked eCommerce website building platform for 2021.

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Shopify is one of the most popular platforms for eCommerce, but some drawbacks repel small businesses.

a. Commission based sales on Shopify

Sometimes small businesses avoid creating a website on Shopify because they deduct a small cut from every sale they make.

Though Shopify already charges businesses monthly fees to develop a website, commissions per sale are a bit unacceptable for small businesses.

b. Businesses cannot make product category levels

Another drawback that businesses find in Shopify is that it does not allow them to create sub-categories. It is impossible to subcategorize accessories on an eCommerce website.

For example, Men> accessories. But, users cannot build watch or cufflinks level subcategories on Shopify.

c. Shopify does not offer a mobile application for shopping

Most of the customers use mobile to shop online. When it comes to Shopify eCommerce, there is a whole gap and an application for the consumer end is still not developed. It is challenging for businesses to grow business without a mobile shopping application like Amazon.


People are encouraged to start their business now, more than ever. But, there are many challenges that you face while initiating your business. Creating a professional digital presence and smooth functionality is one of the most critical complications you can meet. A professionally coded website can cost you a handsome amount of money. Therefore is becoming one of the top-rated platforms with drag and drop options to build an entire website.


Prices for almost every category and level of business are available on Wix.

All the prices mentioned below are for developing basic websites for blogging and other purposes;

  1. VIP – $24/month
  2. Unlimited Package- $12/month
  3. Combo-$8/month
  4. Connect Domain- $4/month

If you are interested in developing a fully functional eCommerce website, then;

Business VIP -$35/month

Business Unlimited -$25/month

Business Basic -$17/month


The price variations allow businesses of almost every size to become an eCommerce business on a small budget. Let’s have a look at the drawbacks of building a Wix website. This will guide you in making the right decision for your business.

a. Basic Plan does not remove ads

To market their website platform, Wix shows ads on the basic plan. Too many ads can irritate the audience while completing a conversion. Therefore, it is considered as one drawback for using the basic strategy of the Wix website.

b. Limits Creativity

The drag and drop option tones down creativity as you have to choose from the available options. It is not a huge drawback, but at the same time, some businesses may feel that their website is not designed as intended.

c. No SEO plugin available

Other eCommerce website platforms have their plugins or specifications to provide SEO tools that help you keep your website optimized. But Wix does not offer any SEO wizard to guide you in optimizing the content. Some might consider it a deal-breaker, but there is always a way. In such a case, businesses might have to put a little effort and optimize the content using other free SEO tools.



WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress websites. It is one of the most commonly used plugins all over the world since 2011.

You can build a customized eCommerce website with essential plugins for free. Some plugins might cost you, but a fully functional website is quickly developed on a small budget. If you have enough knowledge to build a website, WordPress is the best choice for your eCommerce business.

But, you can also outsource making your eCommerce website to an expert.


WooCommerce Wholesale Pro Suite

It provides businesses with almost all essential plugins to run their eCommerce website on an annual subscription package.

  1. One Site – $149
  2. Two Sites – $179
  3. Three Sites- $199
  4. Or More – $200 above


Around 22% of the top eCommerce websites today use Woocommerce. But before making any decisions, keep in mind a few drawbacks that might affect your website model.

Extension Payments

Despite using the basic package for website creation, you might want to add more features. In such cases, businesses need to pay for desired extensions. Small businesses avoid customizations if they have a low budget.

Excluded Legal Texts

Any legal texts like terms and conditions, privacy protection, shipping regulations, etc., are not included in WooCommerce websites. Companies make extra effort to write and incorporate privacy policies, shipping regulations, and returning options on their own.

Requisite Technical Knowledge

To set up and maintain the WooCommerce website, sufficient technical knowledge is required. For example, as an individual website developer, you must know PHP, MySQL, SSL, etc. Therefore, if a business has limited resources, it is better to outsource website development.

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Wrapping Up

During the pandemic, the inevitable shift towards digital platforms leaves us no choice but to blend with the increasing trend. However, there are numerous platforms available for businesses to formulate their eCommerce websites. But, if you are starting a business or trying to shift your existing business, then the above-mentioned website platforms are top-rated for 2021.

At Your Service

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1.B2B eCommerce Marketing

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2. B2C eCommerce Marketing

We target the right audience through right channels and provide

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By in-depth analysis of your competitors we help you stay ahead of the competition. Competitive targeting and planning ad campaigns is our speciality.

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