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Improving Website User Experience for Maximum Conversions

The ultimate goal of any business online is to attain maximum conversions. The success of online companies lies in how many visitors converted into paying customers. You must have noticed that all the people who visit your website do not usually buy, or even if they do like your page products, they do not click through the final conversion step. So businesses need to know what improvements are required to make your website engaging and gain maximum conversions.


User Experience

User experience is the complete cycle that individual encounters while buying and consuming the product. It is not confined to websites and applications, but it starts from a product’s thought to its utilization and advocacy.


We can find a simple example of user experience in our daily routine. For example, if you are starving and craving a cheeseburger, what comes to your mind? Your mind will probably strike back to a past reference or desirable social media post from this point to ordering and telling about it to others long after the consumption is part of the user experience.


Therefore, when businesses strategize about optimizing user experience, they have to increase their product quality, brand value, and path optimization.


As more people look for information and services online during the pandemic, investment in user experience and usability can offer a competitive advantage. Here you can find information on essential guidelines to improve your website’s user experience.


UX Metrics

UX metrics are a combination of data points used to monitor and measure a website’s performance. These metrics tell you the truth about how your website and products are performing and how you can improve performance.


Conversion Rate

Completing a specific action or cycle when a visitor enters your website generates revenue is called a conversion. For example, for e-commerce, the conversion is complete when the visitor buys the product.

Visitors who complete the conversion process may include signing up for emails/ subscribers, and buyers collectively formulate your conversion rate.

If a business is well aware of its conversion rate, it is easy to evaluate how well the company performs and what measures to take for future progress.


Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Customers’ probability of recommending a product or service to friends and other acquaintances is called Net Promoter Score(NPS).

The easiest way to calculate NPS is by posting a poll and dividing positive reactions by the total number of responses.

Net Promoter Score can be divided into:

  1. Detractors 0-6
  2. Passives 7-8
  3. Promoters 9-10

Anything below six is considered harmful and requires immediate attention. If your NPS is 9 or 10, then it means that your brand and services have optimal performance.


Many businesses have shifted to an online store, and the competition is intense. Therefore, the only way to stay competitive is to engage your audience by posting creative content regularly. The content can be in the form of blogs, images, and videos. Calculate the bounce rate and time spent on your page to check engagement.


Return on Investment

The ultimate goal of any business is to gain revenue and profit. If you deliver promised services and focus on customer satisfaction, then your ROI will increase gradually.

Sometimes your target audience does visit your website, add to cart, and do not check out. What is stopping your potential customer from checking out? The given metrics and performance must be appropriately analyzed and utilized to improve your business ROI to know answers to such questions.


4 ways to Maximize Conversions

1.Single Carousel Images

The main page of your website must not be highly animated as it takes longer time to load.

Keep your website simple, and with the help of one powerful carousel, you can convey what you do. The main reason for using one strong carousel is to deliver your message and maximize page speed as it will not take too long to load.


2.Improve Title

For maximizing user experience, you need to come up with a web page title that enhances customers’ interest to check out your product. In minimum words, describe what customers are getting or the feeling that will incline customers to stay on your website and browse. You might consider it minor, but the people do judge the book by its cover.


3.Improve CTA buttons

The content and the design used for the CTA button can impact conversions. For example, the red or orange color for the CTA button will not get you positive results as perceived colors of warning. Do not use cliche CTA content like learn more; start now. Be creatively simple while placing action buttons on your website.


4.Video Content

The most engaging content today that gains maximum attention is video. It is essential to deliver your message through videos on your website if you sell a product or service. One video per landing page is optimal. This will engage your maximum audience and double conversions in no time.


Top Trending Tools to Analyse Website Performance

Is your digital existence not paying off? You are probably missing out on some most important steps to enhance website conversion.

Let’s cut to the chase and guide you to improve your website and user experience, which will get you more conversions.The first and foremost step is to monitor and evaluate what and where the problem/s exists.

Many free and paid tools help you analyze the performance of your websites, like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Pagespeed Insights, Hotjar, and more.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is free and the best tool to track and the user journey around used channels, locations, and devices. There is also a paid version of GA known as Google Analytics 360.

If you have limited resources and still want accurate results, then GA is the best option for your website.

You can calculate


1.Bounce Rate

Bounce rate

It shows how engaging your website is. How many visitors come to your website and leave at what time is known as the bounce rate. You must know the higher the bounce rate; the more alarming situation is on your website.

Other data related to customer behavior like time spent, click-ins and sight speed, etc., are also accurately available on Google Analytics.


2.Acquisition Channels

The data about different channels that bring the visitors to your website and the general audience interested in your website is available. Businesses just need to install and activate performance tools to know how well their website is performing.

Google analytic user experience



For e-commerce businesses, detailed knowledge of sales and conversion rate is vital. This data can also be collected and monitored for free from Google Analytics.

Google analytics user experience

Other Analytical software and tools include Google Analytics 360, Adobe Analytics, Pagespeed Insights, Google Lighthouse, and Hotjar.



How will you know what your website visitor searches for the most? There are tools specifically designed to show scrolling heat maps. One of the best tools for this purpose is Hotjar.

This tool is most beneficial for online stores to indicate what product customers find the most engaging and how much time they spend scrolling from different devices.

Visitor engagement is an improvement for businesses, but online window shopping does not increase its ROI. Real-time conversions are required to successfully keep your businesses running.

Did you know? Around 53% of mobile website visitors will leave if a webpage doesn’t load within 3 seconds.Therefore, from page loading time speed to cart checkout, you need to figure out at what point your audience faces difficulty and abandon the website. After figuring out where visitors leave your website, take the suggested steps to increase its performance.



Success is a journey that requires constant effort, vigilance, and reevaluation. So, even if you are not achieving your goals or have initiated a business, work consistently.

You can increase your sales by optimizing the user experience. Digitally improve the user experience by making websites easy to use, engaging, and up to speed.

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