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Introduction to Google Lighthouse

Google Lighthouse is the part of the development tool that allows you to audit your website. It is an open-source and automated tool for analyzing the quality of web pages. This tool helps you in monitoring and improving your website by exposing problems and suggesting solutions.

Google Lighthouse runs a combination of tests against a webpage to create a fully detailed report about page performance.

As customers are less tolerant, if a website due to some reasons will take more than 2 seconds to load, there is a fair chance that we will skip it. Therefore in this competitive world, website speed optimization is significant for any business.

Google Lighthouse is the best tool available for maximizing your page performance.

seo with google lighthouse

Below we provide the ultimate guide for using Google Lighthouse to measure, monitor, and optimize your website like a professional.

First of All

Note that there are two ways by which you can quickly test your website performance by using Google Lighthouse.

Method# 1

Go to the Web. Dev. This page is the official website for Google Lighthouse.

Click on the “Test My Site” icon below.

Test my site

Copy and Paste the URL of your website and let Google Lighthouse take care of the rest.

It will take a few minutes to audit and present the performance chart.

Method # 2

google lighthouse

Install the Google Chrome Lighthouse extension

Search Google Lighthouse for chrome

Click on ‘Add to chrome’ > ‘Add Extension.’

Now go to your website and click on the icon; you will see a pop-up of Google Lighthouse.

Check out the settings and select categories.

The rest of the process is the same as the above-given method.

How to Read Google Lighthouse Audit Report?

When you click on ‘ View Report,’ you will see that Google Lighthouse has exhibited the results according to Google Lighthouse Score. This system indicates the results on a scale of 1 to 100 with 1 showing the lowest and 100 showing the highest performance. In the audit report, there are four significant aspects calculated;

google lighthouse report


Your website performance is dependent on the aesthetics of your page, and therefore you must make necessary adjustments to optimize your website. Take professional help if needed, and do not compromise on the aesthetic of your webpage.

The performance chart includes all the details from website opening speed and time to interact.

Given below is the template for such a chart;

From the performance point of view, we can see what is hindering the performance. For example, the site has issues regarding;

Initial server response time

The site has not removed unused javascript or render-blocking

The best aspect about Google Lighthouse is that it provides the users direct suggestions and proper links to guide them through the process, unlike other software.


It shows you how easy-going and accessible experience you provide to the customers. For example, Google Lighthouse will examine your site concerning the eyes of Google. If a site is less accessible, then details such as; themes, keys and icons etc will hinder performance.

For example, this tool will detect background and foreground colors that do not have a sufficient contrast ratio. Still, you must note that it can only detect some aspects of accessibility, and it will be better for a business to have a manual audit.

Best Practices

There are around 16 best practices tested by Google Lighthouse. These include checks to indicate the security of the resources and problems with the Javascript libraries.

If you fail this portion of the audit, Google Lighthouse will provide you with improvement suggestions.

For example, you will know if the links in your content are from unsafe destinations. Other aspects include security vulnerabilities, uncrawlable links, and more.

With the help of such suggestions, you will know what to do to make your site worthwhile.

SEO with Google Lighthouse

SEO is, without a doubt, an essential part of your website. There is no way that your website is working without Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the most critical test of all four, and your website must score well in it.

There are tests that Google Lighthouse performs to check the quality of SEO and its effect on the SERP of your webpage. The goal is to stay on the front page when the searchers make a related search. Google Lighthouse will provide an explained critical analysis of your webpage SEO.

You must keep in mind that Google Lighthouse SEO results and tests are limited and to the point. If your website report is not scoring maximum, it is vital to make the required website optimization changes.

As long as you are in green you are good to go. Though you must try the given suggestions to fully optimize your website.

SEO with Google Lighthouse

It is impossible and not necessary for your page to make each score up to 100. But it will be better for you not to compromise on SEO audits.

Google Pagespeed Insights vs. Lighthouse

The million-dollar question is that if performance insight is provided on a website’s backend, then why do you require Google Lighthouse?

The answer is quite simple. Google Lighthouse tests your website while Google Pagespeed only tests the speed.

The significant difference between Google Pagespeed and Google Lighthouse is that the former focuses only on speed and later auditing other performance aspects. If you want a comprehensive report and suggestions for your website performance, then Google Lighthouse is the tool for you. On the other hand, Google Pagespeed Insight is the tool to tell you precisely what your viewer is experiencing at your website.

These are different tools but note that Pagespeed Insight uses Lighthouse data and combines it with real-world information to show a brief report of your webpage performance.


There are many different tools and insights to audit your website, but in 2021, it is efficient for you to use Google Lighthouse. Google is providing you with an unprecedented opportunity to evaluate your website. You’ll get to critically smoothen user experience and increase your ROI within no time.

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