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Location-Based Marketing

The businesses which have physical-based marketing or outlets etc. are best suited for location-based marketing. This marketing type helps track your targeted customers’ location and remind them to visit your brand outlet.

Location-based marketing is for geotargeting campaigns of brands. Unlike solely online businesses, marketers focus on real physical visits and target actual customers. With this method’s help, the right market is approached, which helps a company increase sales.

The businesses which are well suited for geo targeted marketing include all the retail, grocery stores, spas, and other outlets. Location-based marketing is exceptionally effective only if it is planned and operated rightly.

Yes, many platforms are helpful and are operated without expertise. But growing businesses should outsource consultation for maximum results.

Before getting into any location-based marketing detail, let’s refresh a few concepts about WordPress and Woocommerce. How do these two help in location-based marketing of any business?

WordPress is widely used and is one of the most popular platforms used for building and operating websites. Woocommerce is a popular plugin that makes a website on WordPress into a fully functioning e-commerce store. This open-source plugin is specifically designed for WordPress. WordPress contains various tools like payment methods and different shipping etc. all these tools of Woocommerce are beneficial for small and large businesses.

Advantages of Woocommerce

Advantages of Woocommerce

Woocommerce is free and user friendly. This aspect is the main reason why it is used popularly all over the world. You do not need to be an expert to add functionality to your e-commerce store.

One of the main reasons which make Woocommerce popular is that it operates on all devices. Most customers use their cell phones for online shopping. Therefore this aspect of Woocommerce makes it highly recommended.

E-commerce stores of any kind can be operated by proper utilization of Woocommerce. Businesses use it to sell different regular as well as digital products.

Limitations using Woocommerce plugins

There are thousands of plugin tools in Woocommerce. These tools help in customizing the website according to your choice. But it is not smart for a business to overwhelm its website with unnecessary plugins.

Additions of unnecessary plugins will ultimately hamper the performance of a website, making it complicated.

The right choice of plugins is essential before daring into the world of e-commerce.

Woocommerce is trending and beneficial, but everything has its pros and cons.

Need for Location Marketing Campaigns

Consider that you are developing your business in different regions. You managed to open more than one store in various areas, considering the geotargeting approach as one of the only strategies that will smoothly cater to the specific goal.

Before jumping into location-based marketing, it is essential to note which products and services are available in which region. Large businesses include various products and services according to their targeted customers.

If a business is not providing products and services according to the geographic location, it fails in terms of customer satisfaction.

A business must also be able to divide and organize its inventory. Availability of a product is essential. If a product is not available physically in an outlet but is virtually visible to the customers will create a negative impact on the business.

Customers in such situations tend to choose competitors providing similar products and services for the future. A business cannot let that happen. Therefore, the business with physical stores available must focus on location-based marketing campaigns. For such cases, the creation of WordPress sites with product visibility plugin tools is highly smart and effective.

We will guide you to the general setup of Woocommerce below ;

Woocommerce General Setup

If you are a newbie, first and foremost, you need a domain name and hosting. Then install WordPress from and build your website. If you already have a running website, then you can get started with editing in Woocommerce.

When the website is running, it is time to install and activate Woocommerce for your business’s decent e-commerce functionality. You can;

Create a free account on Like any other software, download the zip file and continue.

Search your required plugin; Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Search Plugins

Download by going to; Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload. Install and activate.

Product Display on Woocommerce

We have established why businesses with physical outlets available and virtual stores require a plugin to make specific products hidden.

woo commerce plugin

There are visibility option available which is subcategorized into;

1 – Global Visibility

2 – General visibility and

3 – Visibility by user roles

Global Visibility

Global Visibility tab helps you show or hide the products to the customers who are not logged in or registered. You can choose products or categories which you want to hide from specific customers. Fill in the given checkboxes to customize your website. Accurate Digital Solutions can also draft automated responses for visitors.

Global Product Visibility

General Settings

A general settings option is also available, which allows you to hide/show search engines from crawling, indexing, and ranking your page.

For example, if you choose to hide specific products from not logged in customers of a particular country, those items will remain hidden from Google.

woocommerce General setting

Visibility by User Roles

Similarly, by clicking on the user roles, there are categories that you can choose to show and hide products. Image illustration is below;

Visibility by Using Roles

Woocommerce display products based on Location/Country

Mostly huge businesses with franchises available in different places around the globe require this option. These businesses want to show the products according to the preferences of the targeted audience.

McDonald’s is available in most of the countries around the world, but as we know, it has customized its menu according to locations and preferences. Meat burgers are not highly shown in India, as they are more vegetarian. Therefore, it is smart for a business to analyze its market and categorize the products to display on their website accordingly.

With the proper combination of price by country and visibility plugins, your website can run smartly and smoothly.


Though WordPress and Woocommerce are user friendly and do not require much expertise to initiate but it is essential to filter and apply the right combination of plugins from the cluster to grow your business. It is smart for developing businesses to outsource such expertise for smooth and profitable long-term running.

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