Hack Prevention and Website Recovery

Hack & Recover Website

We can fix your hacked website. Often pretty quickly. We also provide a host of Web Security Services




Your website has been hacked, and you may be one of the thousands of victims worried that you are reading this material. In different search engine results, browser alerts, an unexpected post, emails, etc., you might have seen that.

Daily hackers hack thousands of websites. Users generally protect some data, but visitors to the website are at risk. For example, hackers may have infected their site with malicious scripts, which can then monitor keystrokes on a visitor’s computer, stolen sensitive online banking personal credentials, or other financial transactions.

Thousands of websites are hacked every day. Hackers (cyber-criminals) use automatic methods to hack old, malicious websites. Most hacks are automated, non-targeted, and deliberately hidden (both for the website owner and web hosting).

Most injected malware are

Back Door (for hacker’s remote control)

File Manager (Hacker can manage your website files remotely)

Spamming (using your website IP and your domain to send spam or fraudulent emails)

Fraudulent Website (Capture Login Username / Password, e.g., Mailbox, Bank)

Suspicious site redirection (redirect to another site, black-hat SEO technique)

Distributed virus / Trojan

Accusation (political reasons)

Botnet Members (to attack other websites/networks)

Our Diverse Approaches for Hacked Sites

Gathering Information

This is the very first step after receiving the customer’s credentials. The website’s initial analysis is a must to understand the business risks that help to identify the infected modules. The mapping of different threat surfaces is done according to the site’s structure and the platform used—for example, PHP, JSP, JavaScript Client-Side.

Restoring Site

Once the malicious code has been identified and removed, all pages will be restored with their original content. Furthermore, we exclude all hack warnings and flags from Google and other search engines. We also repair all the original content and delete the contents of the hacker.

Knowledge Sharing

We develop strategies and policies to ensure the future security of your website. We communicate to you the detailed knowledge of compromises or hacking, as it is part of the Accurate Digital Solutions culture.

Reviewing Process

The review process starts when we have successfully restored websites and confirmed all operations. Our engineers review your website for hacks or compromises and bring back your website.

Detailed Report on Incident

After completing the hack recovery process, our team generates a comprehensive report on the entire incident.

Removing Backdoors

Cyber criminals hide the malicious script in a little back door to regain access to your site and compromise it again. Our security engineers detect and meticulously remove all backdoors hidden by cyber criminals.

Identifying the Malicious Code

Once we have enough information about your site, our engineers will search for a malicious script that might have been used to access your website or web server.

Removing Malicious Code

Upon identification of the malicious code or script, the Accurate Digital Solutions engineer removes the hacker script from all the infected pages.