Linkedin Advertising

Elevate your brand identity and create leads with LinkedIn Marketing Services

At more than 433 million active members worldwide, LinkedIn has become the world’s largest professional network. Are you taking advantage of the ability of LinkedIn PPC to meet the target market and attract more traffic to your site? Accurate Digital Solutions Partnering with ads will help!

We deliver a variety of LinkedIn PPC services that allow brands to target ads directly to their audience – leading to improved interaction and increased sales. We create multiple advertisements for each LinkedIn campaign, the most eye-catching headlines, enticing visuals, and clear calls for action to get the full amount of click-through levels and conversions. To conserve your budget and deliver advertising to specific audiences, we build advertising based on Location, Age, Gender, Job Title, Job Feature, Company Name, Business Size, Industry, and LinkedIn Network.

Raise Your Brand Voice and Generate Leads with LinkedIn Marketing Services

Accurate Digital Solutions specializes in helping B2B and B2C brands build successful and tailored promotional strategies to advertise their products and services, reaching millions of professionals through LinkedIn. We endorse the establishment of LinkedIn ad campaigns to handle them at regular intervals, ensuring an optimal return on investment.

How we set up your LinkedIn Ad campaign

Create a New Ad Campaign

This includes picking out the most effective content, selecting the language and creating a unique name for the ad campaign for easier identification.

Write LinkedIn PPC Ad Copy

Our adept writers create reliable and enticing ads that divert users to the desired landing page, helping you drive higher traffic and increase conversions. We hold the following things in mind:


We build-up to the point and appropriate headlines for each ad campaign, ensuring that it does not surpass the maximum of 25 characters.

Ad Body

We write up appropriate LinkedIn advertisements of up to 75 characters, creating higher click rates.

Call to Action

We introduce successful CTAs such as “Press Now to Get Free Preview,” “Download the eBook now,” etc., to encourage readers to take action.

Choose Relevant Targeting Option

To ensure that your ad is seen by a large and appropriate audience, we target business, job description, location, skills, community, school, age and gender campaigns.

Set Your LinkedIn Marketing Budget

We set an optimized budget based on your objectives – ensuring that it helps you reach different markets without leaving a hole in your wallet. We also adjust the price of bids regularly.

LinkedIn Ad Reporting

Our LinkedIn PPC experts monitor each campaign’s progress and provide useful insight into your clicks, CTR, spending, etc.

Types of LinkedIn Ads We Create

By endorsing your content, we will help you spread the word about your brand to consumers with ease and efficiency.

To help you reach key decision-makers and influencers, we create personalized advertising campaigns that dynamically appear as per the behavior of your audience.

We will help you set up and manage your Text Advertising program, driving eligible leads within your budget.

We help you build customized, meaningful messages and deliver them right to your prospective LinkedIn Inbox – keeping the audience engaged and driving further conversions.

To encourage customer experience and brand recognition, we will help you run mobile display campaigns.