Optimize Growth following our Penalty Recovery Services 

Having the top search engine rankings is the ultimate aim of any website. But reaching high rankings is not as easy as it seems because the site needs to meet all the guidelines set by Google.

Whenever Google uses its algorithms, it penalizes a variety of websites, but only about 20,000 websites submit a request for reconsideration every month. Therefore, a minimal number of sites are subject to restoration.

Why is your website penalized?

When your search engine rankings unexpectedly drop down, the first thing you need to do is monitor whether the Google penalty has penalized your website. If yes, you will start the elimination of the Google penalty immediately.

Our Manual action penalty recovery includes

Analyzing links and producing a new link report

Identifying links that need to be deleted

Manually searching these links for text anchor delivery, PR delivery, Link Farms, IP search, etc.

Contact webmasters and record attempts to create disavow.txt files

Write a request for reconsideration to Google

Respond to subsequent responses and make changes as requested by Google.

Our Panda Penalty Recovery Process Includes

Baseline rank search

Reviewing every web content for plagiarism

Finding and evaluating low-quality content issues

Deleting pages or content that is low-quality or replacing them with fresh content

Blocking pages that can not be resolved

Resubmit the XML sitemap to webmaster tools

What We Deliver

If your website is low in search results or has totally vanished, we can help!

No matter the penalty on the website, we’ve helped hundreds of clients who have become lifetime mates because of the quality of our performance. We investigate the problem, tailor the strategy to address it, and execute what needs to be done to achieve your desired outcome.

Why choose us for Penalty Recovery Services

Our experts have ample experience in recovering websites from all sorts of penalties and fines. We provide you with a well-researched service of extraordinary quality at a pocket-friendly SEO rate.