Carved Stone Creations

Accurate Digital Solutions is proud to affirm the opportunity to provide SEO and SEM services for Carved Stone Creations – contractors specialising in custom stone architecture and granite water fountains. After a complicated split from their previous marketing company, we maintained and eventually rebuilt their entire website. We provided search engine optimisation and in only four month recorded an eighty-four percent increase in their organic traffic. Our team also handled their search engine marketing, running pay-per-click campaigns combined with phone extensions. By conducting a data-driven analysis of the response, bidding was optimized for specific time frames for the local business. This slight adjustment lead to 20 phone calls in the first month in addition to even more conversions. The data-driven approach we utilized at Accurate Digital Solutions, allowed us to increase the funnel size of our client, raise their sales and improve their overall return on investment. That is the power of data science and marketing automation for businesses! Since coming aboard in 2017 we have retargeted and quadrupled their traffic!