Targeting And Segmentation

Finding the right target audience is vital even with the best product on the market. That’s where Accurate Digital Solutions comes into play.

This marketing technique allows us to recognize the different types of consumers and reveals which ones are best for you. It then enables us to connect with your target consumer and deliver the right product along with the right message to increase efficacy.

market segmentation Services

The best way to identify potential consumers is by their basic demographics, such as their age, income levels, education, etc. Accurate Digital Solutions uses demographic segmentation as a useful way to separate the target audience.

We allow you to group your customers based on their lifestyle, including attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and opinions. Psychographic segmentation helps to decipher the emotional aspects of purchasing that may otherwise appear elusive.


A person’s geographic location has a major impact on their behaviors, buying patterns and needs, which also significantly alters how they react to your company’s interactions. Know where your potential customers live and tailor your marketing strategies in accordance with local values.

This form of research demonstrates how consumers communicate with your particular product or service. Place your ads differently for those who use your product as a regular need than those who see it as a luxury and only rarely use it.

Market research

When you look at future consumers who are likely to find your product or service, you will have the ability to segment. For example, if you submit a survey questionnaire on a new product idea to a wide range of people, adding demographic questions will help you understand various factors. This segmentation can be a useful technique for design research, branding, or product creation.

Customer satisfaction

Customers, clients, or patients, different people are likely to have different interactions with your brand. Adding segmentation questions to the CSAT and NPS surveys makes it easier to find problems and enhance customer support.

Other opportunities

We conduct the segmentation process before constructing any survey. We ask the questions necessary not only to segment effectively but also to evaluate the data conveniently.