Portfolio Strategy and Architecture

Brand proliferation occurs when companies keep producing more and more brands without giving the due strategic considerations to how this plethora of brands affect their portfolios. This is where Accurate Digital Solutions comes in! We take charge and construct the optimal portfolio strategy that prevents brand proliferation and has an overall positive impact on your company.

We determine what brand strategy decisions would be best for your company, from introducing to phasing out brands and sub-brands.

Define Brand Roles 

We make sure that your company is not just an influx of random brands. Every brand in your portfolio will have a predefined brand role that would make a positive contribution to your company. At Accurate Digital Solutions, we construct efficient portfolios that consist of customer-relevant brands while eliminating any inefficiencies and overlaps. They enable your company to attain business objectives and make an impact in the digital landscape.

Long Term Goals

Managing a portfolio is an intricate process that requires careful consideration of all aspects, and this is where most mishaps can occur. At Accurate Digital Solutions, we make sure no such accidents occur by carefully balancing near-term profit and loss with long-term asset value creation.

The Consumer’s Perspective

Our efficient team conducts rigorous marketing and consumer research to identify the customer’s perspective. We recognize how consumers feel about the brands in the portfolio, if they see any connection among them and whether or not the value of one brand is transferred onto others in the same collection.

Brand Architecture

Clear and intuitive brand architecture is essential to eliminate unpredictability while also gaining control over brand image. We construct a robust brand architecture that brings your range of offerings into focus while enabling you to cross-promote them. We make sure it aligns with how a customer mentally organizes your company’s portfolio of offerings and how each offering satisfies the customer’s various needs.