Competitive Landscape Audit

The digital landscape is vast and full of multitudes of opportunities. However, diving into this landscape without proper research and knowledge may have detrimental effects on your business. Conducting an effective landscape audit is a crucial step in the media planning process.

At Accurate Digital Solutions, we conduct competitive landscape audits that empower you to join the conversation on your chosen networks with in-depth knowledge regarding your area of the marketplace. 


In the digital landscape, data is undoubtedly the king! However, this king is spread across various platforms and is quite challenging to decipher. This is where Accurate Digital Solutions steps in. We collect data from different sources, analyze it, and use it to derive real, actionable insights. We provide you with information about who views product or services, and when they see it. The revealed information is then used to make informed, profitable decisions.

We use various platforms to determine the online behavior of customers and how they engage with your content. The people that view your content are not the only ones who demand attention. We analyze how it impacted the digital landscape, for instance, how many people viewed, commented, shared, clicked, or converted on that particular content. This enables you to understand what sort of tactics have worked better for you in the past, allowing you to build upon those insights and understand what kind of content resonates with your audience.

Our meticulous landscape audit equips us with the 360-degree information required to visualize trends previously invisible in your marketing data. This clear picture of the landscape reveals actionable insights based on real-world, real-time facts rather than simplistic assumptions or opinions. The multitude of useful information then allows us to craft marketing strategies that prove optimal for your business.

Keywords hold the key to success, and the key to success is the right kind of research. We use acclaimed platforms to conduct rigorous research regarding what keywords consumers use while looking for a specific product, which allows us to bid on the most effective ones. We also decipher and analyze the amount of organic traffic you get, which then presents a better understanding of your brand’s popularity and reach. We use the information and keywords to optimize your business while incorporating brand awareness tactics.

We get the most out of the most powerful tools to gather in-depth information regarding the demographics of your audience while also revealing what sort of devices was used to access what kind of content.