Optimize the purchase process step by step

There are points of breakage in every sales funnel. There are places where a potential consumer loses confidence and abandons sales.

Accurate Digital Solutions will help you locate breakages in your selling enclosure. Through developing a highly precise funnel monitoring program, we can calculate the exact percentage of customers who pass through each stage of your sales funnel. 


Revenue Turnover with Sales Funnel Analysis and Testing

With every step in the Selling Funnel, the number of prospective buyers and potential buyers is decreasing. The farther the consumer is in the Sales Funnel, the higher his buying aim is. However, several factors, such as low usability, contribute to early termination of the buying process. Such users leaving would also reduce the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
Accurate Digital Solutions investigates all the stages to measures where customers are lost and where the causes lie. Concrete steps are taken from this, and suitable test methods are developed, which will lead to the successful completion of the procurement process by as many customers as possible.

From Marketing Campaign to Transaction

Increase the number of users arriving at your sales page via landing pages and reduce the bounce rate of potential customers in the subsequent buying process.

Optimization with a big Impact

Upgrade your website while increasing your campaign conversion rate.

Targeted Testing in Sales Funnel

Concrete steps can be taken from the review of the previous pages in the sales funnel. New ideas are tested with targeted A / B testing and data-driven assessment using statistical indicators.