Accurate Digital Solutions has analyzed the impact of a wide range of technologies on thousands of customers across all verticals.
We work with your customers to collect the data that we need for analysis.

The ROI analysis (business value assessment) is an in-depth assessment of the proposed investment, which shows the expected return over a given timeframe. It includes an annual breakdown of quantifiable benefits and costs, converted into current currency using the Present Net Value (NPV) calculation. It may also provide for the payback period (when the cumulative benefits outweigh the increasing costs).

Technology solutions are often huge, complex investments. So make sure you have people on your team who know how to make those investments.

When is the ROI Useful?

When you make a purchase decision, thinking about ROI can help you consider whether a product or service is worth your money. But this isn’t the only time that ROI is useful. ROI analysis can help you evaluate past decisions and make more accurate projections of costs and benefits next time when looking at past investment choices.
Motivate yourself to look beyond specific purchases and projects, and consider your organization’s overall return on its technology investment.

Benefits of ROI Services

Accurate Digital Solutions identifies and quantifies impactful benefits such as increased revenue margins, reduced operating costs, increased labor productivity, and reduced risk.

Exceptional quality of work

Our intense focus and experience in demonstrating ROI mean that we work efficiently to achieve favorable results. Our analyses are clear, transparent, and of professional quality, suitable for executive audiences.


We act as a third-party service provider with no direct financial interest. We research each client and examine their finances to help them see how our solution will support their business objectives.


Many of our clients have long term growth and need flexibility. With access to third-party ROI experts, you can quickly scale up your ROI capabilities or reduce your capacity.

Customer Insight

Accurate Digital Solutions have been calculating the ROI for technology investment for years. Our experience with previous commitments (sometimes with the same customer) can lead to better insights and outcomes.