Let us help you get to the top of your Lifecycle Marketing Goals. We help you link to your customers through our innovative cross-channel marketing solutions.

Accurate Digital Solutions is a highly accomplished Lifecycle Marketing Leader that drives B2B marketing to the next level. The Lifecycle Marketing model provides a sound mechanism that you can use to create a marketing plan that will help you attract high-quality prospects, increase your sales numbers, and deliver the experience that your customers will experience.


The Attract phase will help you to find out who your best customers are, what they need, and how to connect with them.


The Sell phase helps you create content that connects to and guides your customers through the purchase process.


In the Wow phase, you will learn how to anticipate your customers' needs, go the extra mile, and try to delight consumers.


Attract is the first stage of the Lifecycle Marketing model. It consists of three key steps:

You can’t afford or aim to target the entire population. Therefore it is imperative to narrowly define your target customer and focus your marketing efforts on the market that is most likely to buy from you.

It is challenging to try to touch everyone with your product or service, but it is also very costly. Identify your target consumer and concentrate your marketing on the segment that you are most likely to target.

As users become more interested in your brand and products, make sure potential customers don’t leave your website and quickly forget about you. Persuade them to stay with an e-book or a white paper that asks for their contact information. This ‘lead magnet’ is valuable in acquiring repeat visitors.


Remember, most consumers are not actively looking for the name of your company. More often than not, they are looking for a solution that addresses a particular need. Make sure these potential customers find you – before they notice your competitors.


Sell, the second stage of Lifecycle Marketing involves three different phases:

As you develop a content strategy, consider how your product or service meets your target customer’s unique needs. Create and publish original, useful content on your website, blog, social networks, and other communication platforms that address these needs.

When you understand your target customer’s purchase process, you can match your sales process to suit your needs. Observing past customer actions will help you map out a purchase process funnel or a purchaser’s journey. This allows you to identify the best time to offer a time-sensitive special deal to the prospect.

Irrespective of the type of business, close is a signal that the deal has been negotiated and that you can start the delivery process. Make procedures easier by implementing clear and compelling sales closing procedures.

Customers do thorough online research before making purchase decisions, and they pay more attention to price and value. One of the most effective strategies a small business owner can employ is to develop a promotional plan that places their products or services as an obvious choice when customers are ready to buy.


Wow is the third factor of Lifecycle Marketing and involves:

To dazzle your customers consistently and make sure that you always deliver the service or product they paid for promptly. Then, go beyond their expectations by providing additional value that leverages your strengths.

Determine what related products or services are going to help your customers and create a solution. The solution may include additional products, services, or tips and resources related to their needs. Timing and positioning are essential to get customers to bite.

Asking and rewarding clients for referral completes Wow’s experience. A handy way to show appreciation is to provide small gift cards, discounts, and other promotional material.

In today’s competitive economy, extra effort is needed to distinguish your business from others. If you want to develop your brand, it is essential to differentiate your product or service based on value, not price. By consistently winning over your customers every time you interact with them, they will remain engaged (and refer to their friends).