Your product deserves a proactive approach to engage and retain new consumers. That’s what Accurate Digital Solutions does best!

Inbound Marketing on STEROIDS.

To utilize your marketing and ads to the fullest, we’re designing ad strategies that allow us to create custom audiences and retarget them and direct them through the cost-effective funnel.

Your funnel can’t be a ‘one size fits all’

Do you know that the total customer conversion rate is less than three percent? Eighty-five percent of the value of the leads you produce is at least three to eighteen months away without a proper funnel.  That’s because most of the funnels are built to concentrate only on those ready to buy right now. A better way is to create a funnel that caters to each lead category. Quickly sift and sell to the three percent who are ready to purchase right away while cultivating and informing the twelve percent who will like more data and purchase in the next 1-30 days.

What Do We Do For You?

We primarily perform a full-fledged Inbound Marketing Operation that reveals profitable and extraordinary results. Years of experience, paired with a remarkable team of experts, enable us to execute this task optimally.

Understanding Your Existing Pain Point & Revenue Goal

Inbound is a highly targeted way to market your brand. So, it is essential to find the ideal fit between your preferences and our approach. All that follows, like the post, design, platforms, material tone, and style depends upon it.

Value Research

Who Exactly Will Buy?
Everyone wants to be sold to! Yet they also want to be told why they need to buy a particular product. This "Why" helps us tailor the prospects so that you can only get the best-suited leads for your company.

Strategic Plan

How Do Things Work?
At this point, we understand your business, audience, product needs and wants, and timeframe. We then utilize all the right ingredients to devise the perfect plan.

Content Seeding

Content seeding is not about writing blog posts, emails, or social media material. It's far beyond that. Technically, it is at the core of the entire marketing and sales strategy.

Leads To Transform Into Conversion Qualified Leads

Capture, Convert & Engage
Marketing is an art, but conversion is a science. We use conversion optimization math to catch, transform, and engage more leads via landing pages, forms, and lead forms. Accurate Digital Solutions takes the lead from scratch till the finish line - where you can see the remarkable results.

Funnel wide measuring and optimization

You need to learn the numbers to get the most out of inbound marketing. We calculate, check, and optimize and move from the pages to the email copy, ad copy, retargeting copy to increase the number of leads, prospects, and sales generated.

Our first goal is to double your existing revenue conversion or to make appointments. You’re looking at a 6 – 20 percent rise for an optimized inbound funnel. Do your math, how much would that mean for your new sales and profits business?