7 Ways to Optimize your Amazon Seller Account before Prime Day 2020

Amazon Prime Day 2020

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In 2015, Amazon decided that its Prime members need to celebrate on its anniversary. The company then introduced Prime Day– 24 hours full of extraordinary offers and sales for customers. Since then, Amazon Prime Day has continued to expand dramatically and has remained a glaring success. 

Last year, over 18 countries, including the US, Canada, UK, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Belgium, Mexico, France, Germany, Singapore, Italy, India, Japan, and various others. New York Times reported that in 2019, Amazon Prime members purchased 175 million items worldwide!

What Will Prime Day Look Like This Year?

There has been an ongoing debate regarding whether or not Amazon will postpone this magnanimous day until later in 2020. Regardless of the date, however, there is no denying that Prime Day will be dynamically different compared to the precedent years this year.

CNET now reports that Amazon Prime Day will begin October 13-14 this year. 

Not only has Covid-19 caused a shift in consumer behavior, but it has also altered the entire e-commerce ecosystem. It is no surprise that there is a dramatic increase in online shopping, which presents you with the perfect opportunity to optimize your seller account and reap the full benefits of Prime Day, boosting your sales exorbitantly. 

Regardless of whether or not the event delays, it is a wise decision to begin preparing for it and optimize your seller account.

How can you Optimize your Amazon Seller Account?

You should create a multifaceted and intentional strategy, allowing you to utilize your resources and maximize profits. Here are a few ways you can optimize your Amazon seller account before Prime Day 2020: 

Create a Strategy to Help Manage Reviews

If we know anything about Amazon, it is that the key to success resides in the reviews that your product gets! 

Customers resort to reviews to see whether or not your product is popular among other consumers, and if you sell what you claim to. 

Furthermore, reviews are a crucial component for optimizing your account as they determine organic product rankings within the Amazon algorithm and are almost proportional to your sales.

Having an effective review management strategy is the first step to optimizing your account for Prime Day. Here are a few ways you can manage your reviews: 

  • Be Proactive:

Ensure that you are keeping track of your Q/A section and are facilitating conversations that happen there. The section provides you with an opportunity to correct any misinformation, address any consumer concerns, and build trust beforehand. Furthermore, it also gives you an insight into consumer habits and demands so you can cater to them accordingly and adapt your product offerings. 

  • Utilize Amazon Vine

Amazon Vine is essentially a program that gains new sellers or product reviews. Signing up to gain reviews on Amazon Vine does cost a submission fee; however, it can be quite beneficial in the long run. 

  • Create an Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is brilliant and effective. HubSpot reports that 99% of consumers check their email every day, and regard emails as their preferred method of receiving updates from brands. You could create an email marketing strategy that encourages reviews from consumers. 

  • Make Sure you Request for Reviews

Amazon allows you to manually request a review on every order that you receive on your seller account. Utilizing that option increases your chances of getting a review from the consumers. 

Keep an Eye on your Competitors

Being aware of your competitors’ listings and reviews can help you manage your products effectively and give you a competitive edge for the 2020 Prime Day. 

Begin by analyzing the competitors that rank above your brand in organic search results for your product category. Meticulously study their listings and compare them to yours, addressing and eliminating all the shortcomings that yours may have to rank higher and reach more customers. 

Use Effective Keywords

It is imperative to have various effective keywords in your product listings to rank higher on the search results.

Make sure you conduct in-depth researchers as to which keywords bring in more consumers to you. The right keywords can also bring in the right customer, increasing your chances of making a sale. 

Along with engaging content, make sure that your product descriptions contain variations based on size or type and include both short and long-tail keywords. 

Creativity is Key! 

Several factors create a positive customer experience, not just the product. When numerous vendors are available for the same product, it is incredibly essential to stand out and appeal to consumer sentiments. The easiest and most effective way to do so is through creative and personalized packaging. 

You could create little inserts or notes that reflect your brand identity and add them before shipping your product. Ensure that the consumers see that you have put into pleasing them; this also increases your chances of getting reviews!

Manage Your Inventory 

Another effective strategy is to ensure that there are no logistical issues in your inventory. Being stocked out is one of the most common ways for brands to lose customers and forgo profitable sales opportunities. 

Furthermore, an out of stock inventory also tanks your brand’s organic product rankings drastically. Even when your product is back in stock, it is quite tricky to climb back to your previous ranking. Make sure this never happens!

There is software available to integrate into your Amazon platform and automatically manage your inventory, eliminating the guesswork out of your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) management. 

Utilize Social Media

We are all aware of the boundless power of social media. When you want to spread the word– social media is your sidekick. 

Utilizing your social media platforms to create buzz is an effective way to get traffic onto your listings. 

To leverage the platforms fully, you could begin strategy execution a few months before Prime Day. 

Connecting with influencers can also help create awareness and build a robust online presence for your brand, gaining more customers. 

Create Bundles of Products

Your primary aim for Prime Day 2020 should be to move the maximum inventory and boost your sales. Creating complementary product bundles is an effective way to get the consumers to buy more products than they initially planned on buying– leading to a drastic increase in your sales, profits, and happiness!

Concluding Words:

Consumers are always undeniably excited for Amazon Prime Day and even shortlist their desired products well in advance. This 24 hours hold a significant opportunity for sellers to optimize their sales and boost revenue. 

To generate maximum profit from these 24 hours, however, you must create an optimized and multifaceted Amazon strategy and be prepared for Prime Day 2020!

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