How to write great promotional Emails?

Writing great promotional emails

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Have you ever put considerate thought into how much promotional emails could help you? If not, you have been missing out on a big chunk of digital marketing. Email campaigns are a great source of leads when used effectively.

“Don’t go round and round and above and beyond what you want to convey! Let me listen, foresee and adapt to what ye carry”, was said in a play that I once attended and the citation is for sure a preamble for every email marketing campaign. Though the scenario differs, but the focal point stays as pivotal as it was in Maribelle (The play that has given us the preamble citation).

A statistical study states that on an average, office workers receive up to 120 emails every day. Going through these could take over 2 and a half hours. Surely, no one has that much time to invest in scanning through emails and thus, majority of the emails go unread. Waste of time, resources and contacts.

Email marketing requires you to have something magical and an aesthetic sense of ‘what people can read’, although it would be ironic if someone has abandoned this write-up before this revelation, yet the core of every email marketing campaign is the quality of content and the aesthetic of the writer.

There are many ways you could lose a reader in one line, maybe the subject of your email, and halt any further possibility of continuing that nurture process. The reason: Content redundancy or lack of binding words. Those things, though, are more towards finding a good writer and planning a better content strategy.

What is it that you, as the Marketing person, could do better? Email Marketing can take a toll on your mind if you are not going back to the basics. Sometimes, focusing on the ornate details, you might overlook the basics and that is where the problems begin.

Great Promotional emails are not great based on the ornate graphics, images and dynamic features, rather the dependency on basics is far more than the finer details. 

Audience: The key

Would you ever put a Rugby match up for paid subscription in Asian countries? Or would you be able to make 18 year olds pay over 500 bucks for learning how to get rid of arthritis pain? Certainly not! You are campaigning to the wrong audience there.

Chosen audience is where the fate of every Email Marketing Campaign is sealed. Specific audiences, even if smaller in number, can fetch you better response than a larger and unsorted audience. Always make sure you have selected the right demographics and the right parameters for your Email Campaign.

Well Versed CTA (call to action)

Call to Action, its location, appearance and dynamic functionality is one of the decisive factors in your email campaign. If your CTA is unclear, clouded or somewhat mis-interpretable, you might lose the chance of getting a further with that prospect.

Make sure the CTA has a simple textual description, is placed in prominence and does not give a deluded meaning. This cuts down the chances of your email being totally ignored by about 40 percent.

To the point text, makes Great Promotional Emails the best!

Precision and a calculated use of words is a vital and pivotal part of every email campaign. A long paragraph that talks about what your company does and how it does and why it does and when it does and who does what your company does and so on and so forth… Bet that made you scratch your head and rethink why are you even reading this? That is how your potential customers see such a long email.

Make the text short, to the point and dead accurate to not get ignored! 

The First thing at last!

Don’t ever neglect the subject line. Make it precise, make it catchy and not too catchy. Sometimes honey-mustard lines indicate phishing, so make sure you are being professionally catchy and not too thrifty with the subject line.

Little intro, a word jargon and purpose, that’s all your subject line should have. Don’t write a lot of numbers unless it is about a sale that no one can neglect. Short, simple, less wordy, not too thrifty and less numbers. 

Bottom Line

Great Promotional Emails or Email campaigns can upscale your business, you just need to plan and create the campaign with some skill. Leave no detail aside and make sure things are aligned.

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