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With the introduction of numerous innovative software applications and intelligent tools, digital marketing use has been increasing. Digital marketers now have a very precision-based and sophisticated job to do thanks to the introduction of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Right now, the chance of losing the job of being a digital marketer is quite low as these applications come out. However, new technology is constantly changing the way businesses work and digital automation is no exception to that rule.

If you are wondering whether this new technology will fulfill everything digital marketers do in the future, it’s hard to say. While it is likely that artificial intelligence is here to stay, that doesn’t mean that workers are going to find themselves without a job simply because automation is in the picture. 

We’re going to look at what automation is doing to the world today and what might happen in the future. But first, let’s take a look at what forms of marketing automation are available today.

What Marketing Automation Is?

When someone mentions automation of marketing, this refers to all types of marketing campaigns on every channel. That means phone and direct mail campaigns, as well as social, online, and mobile campaigns. Marketing automation takes the capabilities of lead management systems, customer relationship management software, and web analytics platforms to build something better than what each of the parts would provide when added together.

The Past Results of Workplace Automation

There have been some major changes to digital marketing over the last few decades. Computers started to become an addition to the workplace in the 70s with other technology coming into play in the 1990s. The 2000s brought a widespread use of the Internet, and things continue to change even today with items like chatbots on every website. This leads to the question of whether digital marketers will still have a job in a few years.

Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Change Marketing Jobs

The leading technologies changing marketing today include machine learning and artificial intelligence, both of which can be used in many ways. Digital marketers can use these things to:

As with other changes to technology in the past, artificial intelligence will likely create a need for new skills rather than removing jobs entirely. People will still be needed for marketing regardless of what changes in the future. As an example, someone will need to be there to monitor conversations with chatbots or to write conversation programs initially.

Equally important is having people who can look at large amounts of data, understand what to take from that data, and then communicate what that all means to other people in order to create a business strategy. At this point, predictive analysis may take over some of the mathematics and statistics related jobs but mainly just in terms of calculations. There will still be a need for people who interpret and guide the calculations.

How Automation and AI May Change Customer Experiences

Artificial intelligence has already made changes to the customer experience. More than ever before, messenger applications are used for customer service needs. There are chatbots that are going at all times of the day and night so global customers can have their questions answered whenever needed. Chatbots can also help customize the purchasing experience and recommend products. Most simple inquiries from customers can be answered, although complicated questions still need to go through humans.

Jobs That May See the Biggest Change with AI

It might be relieving for digital marketers to know that experts believe that jobs most at risk due to automation are warehouse, retail, and service positions. Those working in factories have already seen how artificial intelligence can change the workplace as some factories have replaced human workers with robots. While robots are used in retail in various ways, they aren’t capable of digital marketing to the level that humans are. 

Some content generation jobs are being removed due to the use of artificial intelligence with programs that can generate content on an automated basis. AI can also be used to personalize email and manage large email campaigns using data from contacts. Automated ads are also becoming more popular with platforms like Google Ads using AI power for analytics, data collections, and targeting. However, people are also needed to design, write, and monitor automated ads. 

How to Approach Innovative Technology

Those who look at automation as a threat and who are not interested in learning new skills may find themselves in more trouble than those who are ready to learn new things. Most digital marketers are going to be in the latter group, which means automation can be used in your job to help you learn new things that will ensure you are competitive even as the marketing landscape changes.

Most digital marketers have little to worry about for several reasons. For one, these jobs already require a large amount of tech knowledge and the ability to adjust strategies on a dime to stay competitive. On top of that, digital marketers tend to be versatile and have a large selection of skills. That means if one skill is automated out, the focus can simply be shifted.


What digital marketers need to do is stay aware of how quickly trends in technology can come around and how quickly they can also change. Being a proactive worker and staying updated on changes related to automation that concern the customer journey, ways to multitask, and how to find high-quality leads will help you out as automation becomes even more common.

Keeping your skills updated and being aware of trends makes you stand out among those you work with. It can also be the difference between keeping a position and not, when things shift and pivot in the world of digital marketers once again.

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