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A few decades ago, the idea of using artificial intelligence to succeed as a business would have been unbelievable. Things have changed since then and for better. Using machine learning in digital marketing is something many companies are starting to get involved with. It evidently shows that the quick advancements in technology can be beneficial in ways we wouldn’t have dreamed of.

Now that we know digital marketing can be improved using machine learning, you may be wondering how you can use that knowledge in your own business before you’re left behind. This article will explore exactly how machine learning for digital marketing works and how it can improve your own marketing to bring you success.

Potential to Better Engage Customers

Many of the websites that people use on a regular basis today use chatbots as a mode of customer service. This tool will often sit on the bottom corner of the screen and pop up to offer advice and assistance to those who visit the website.

What you might not know is that machine learning is important to the success of chatbots. Each interaction can be learned from and the collection of data over time lets the bot offer better answers relative to how long it has been used. Beyond being educational, these chatbots can improve marketing on social media and other websites.

Marketing and Assistance

Another way that machine learning in digital marketing can help is by identifying trends immediately and responding to those trends without the need for input. This allows real-time learning, which is why machine learning is so important for the marketing world today. It’s likely to continue to be important in the world of marketing of the future, as well.

Prior to using machine learning, advertisement was done with a lot of guessing. When you aren’t fully aware of who your audience is, money could be wasted on ads that your target customers aren’t interested in. Now that issue is long gone!

Better Options for Personalization

The reality is that people are interested in buying services and products from brands that show they care about them. In fact, a survey shows that over 50% of people will consider making a switch from one brand to another if the company doesn’t have personalized messages. Personalization in e-commerce helps customers feel more valued since their experiences are tailored to their specific needs and interests. This is one of the ways you can create brand loyalty and ensure customers feel like you care about them.

Ability to Optimize Your Content to a Higher Level

While many articles talk about machine learning and artificial intelligence as if they are the same thing, this isn’t true. Machine learning isn’t in place in order to attempt to make machines smarter than humans. Instead, machine learning for digital marketing looks at analyzing processes and problems to find a way to optimize them.

One of the most common ways this is used with marketers is through A/B testing. When making ad graphics, article headlines, email subject lines, and more, A/B testing lets you try various options and see which resonates the most with your audience.

Chance to Develop Additional Services and Products

In a world where technology is constantly expanding, customers are used to shopping in streamlined and innovative ways. This also means that customers have a higher number of expectations than ever before. That means businesses can tailor their marketing to hit specific niche groups with their customer base or the industry.

Machine learning software is already creating the option for businesses to develop new services and products. As far as marketing goes, one can look at the Deep Voice service which is capable of creating synthetic human voices. This makes for a deeper voice search option and may go farther than that as time goes on.

Potential for Developing New Streams of Revenue

One of the things that all digital marketing has in common is its reliance on data. With so much data available, marketing has increasingly become a priority for various companies since it has a huge effect on the ability to increase revenue.

One great example of that is Amazon, which has used machine learning in innovative ways to the point where over a third of their annual revenue comes from the product recommendations offered to customers.

The introduction of Amazon Web Services has created a way for other businesses to use data insights from artificial intelligence to create services that meet customers’ needs. Having machine learning in digital marketing gives companies the chance to determine and predict what customers want, even if the customers themselves do not know.

Creation of an Enhanced Experience for Customers

There are studies that show that the executives believe the largest area for machine learning to be beneficial through marketing is in enhancing the customer experience.

Machine learning is capable of offering an improved online shopping experience. It can guide the buying journey using personalized recommendations or ensure an online store doesn’t run out of stock. It also provides an option for 24-hour support. Machine learning has also been used in drop shipping, which has become popular over the last few years.


Looking at how large companies use machine learning in digital marketing shows how beneficial it can be for everything from offering personalized shopping options to helping calculate risk with a financial company.

Machine learning lets businesses tailor their marketing, offer better services and provide a personalized experience. This can create a loyal audience who trusts a brand and will come back to purchase more services or products.

This is an excellent thing for any business and its bottom line. With analysis of data insights and optimized content, companies who incorporate machine learning into their strategies have the best chance of doing well as we move into the future.

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